KM-108A Silicone Manual Resuscitator

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Silicone's CPR Simple respirator for first aid

Silicone resuscitator(ambu bag) is intended for pulmonary resuscitation.


KM108A-1 Adult: 800ML,for adults and children
KM108A-2 Pediatric: 400ML,for children and infants
KM108A-3 Infant:150ML,for infants and neonates     



1.  Made of pure, clear, durable silicone, 100% latex free
2. All parts can be easily dismounted for cleaning and desinfecting
3. Silicone resuscitator bag and silicone face mask can be auoclaved repeatedly at 134 degree
4. Includes pressure relief valve to minimize the risk of over
pressure be required, the pressure relief valve can be blocked
5. Silicone resuscitator conforms to the standard: ISO10651-4:2002, and it also confoms to
Council Directive MDD/93/42/ECC concerning Medical Devices.


Accessories (optional):

1. Silicone face mask (1pc)
2. Oxygen tube (1pc)
3. Reservoir bag (1pc)


Package (optional)

1. PP box ,size:28*18*15cm
2.PVC bag
3. Paper box     


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