Konmed had launched out some series products

Konmed had launched out some series products, such as Biofeedback Low Frequency Nerve and Muscle Stimulator KM531 and KM530. This Biofeedback device is a new type of biofeedback and neuromuscular electrical stimulation therapy device for patients with muscle dysfunction through the evaluation of myoelectric signal acquisition, multimedia biofeedback training, electromyography triggered electrical stimulation, passive electrical stimulation training and treatment. Perform routine muscle training, combined with individualized electrical stimulation therapy, awaken and activate muscles, accelerate the recovery of muscle tone and elastic, and have a good effect on preventing and treating muscle disorders.Features are as shown below:

1.Four operation modes (EMG Test, EMG Game, ETS, and STIM) have been set up to assist patients in exercising.

2.Independent dual-channel EMG signals acquisition. EMG data of multiple sites are obtained simultaneously to provide basis for treatment.

3.Independent dual-channel electrical stimulation output, convenient for the treatment of different sites or complete the treatment in coordination.

Ergonomic design, effectively prevent the vaginal anal probe off and rotation, to ensure that treatment effect.

4. 22 kinds of programs and 3 kinds of customized programs

5.USB charge


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