What makes a product popular?

Its creative functionality and fashionable appearance, which make it attractive to potential buyers. In addition, high quality and practicality allow a product to achieve sustained sales.

Forged in the above principle,  exteriors are designed by excellent designers. Software programs are written by experienced engineers, moulds are cast in precision equipment, and all components are made of top-grade environmentally friendly materials. They are carefully assembled by skilled workers in Konmed's state-of-the-art factory, which complies with most standards including ISO 13485, MDD CE ,FDA, RoHS and FCC. After our products undergo thorough testing, we strive to keep them in perfect condition. Greatly decreasing problems caused by defective products reduces client dissatisfaction and product return, preventing the waste of human resources on handling complaints, returns, and harm to the retailers' business reputation.

Our basic inspection standards are Critical 0, Major 1.0 and Minor 2.5. We welcome our customers to put forward even higher inspection standards.

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