Customers visit our company

The weather in August, the sun still shines so enthusiastic earth. Today our customers will visit to our company from Italy.

Early morning our Personnel Department has prepared a lot of fruit and drinks for customers.At two o’clock in the afternoon, the customer arrived in time. In the meeting, we introduced to the customer our company development and prospects, and also introduce our factory production capacity, quality control and commitment to quality, and perfect after-sales service, customer agree with our point of view very much. Customers are very interested in our pelvic products. Especially is our KM518, a new product. also they are very happy that we can as their qualified suppliers. Of course, customer in the field of pelvic floor rehabilitation instrument is very qualified, their customers all over each big pharmacy and rehabilitation training center, etc.

In the end, they put forward cooperation request and we will cooperate with the customer’s requirements. And our meeting was ended within Friendly atmosphere。


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