KM-113A Guedel Airway

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KM-113A Guedel Airway

Material:Low-Density Polyethylene

Size:40-120cm adjustable for Pediatric,Children and Adult

Contents:1set/PVC box



Smooth, flexible polyethylene airway with reinforced bite block

Color coded for easy identification

Single use,Latex-free


8 sizes, embossed in mm on airway

Available in pkgs boxed set of 8

Color Coded Guedel Airway In Plastic Case :

The oropharyngeal airway is used to create an air passage way between the mouth and the posterior pharyngeal wall.  Useful when the tongue and/or epiglottis fall back against the posterior pharynx in anesthetized or unconscious patients obstructing the flow of air.


Infants: 40mm, 50mm, 60mm

Children:70mm, 80mm, 90mm

Adults:100mm, 110mm

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